Our Not-So-Secret Crush on the Macaron Parisien

How lovely are these little confectionery creations?!  With only 4 main ingredients, endless flavor combinations and timeless appeal, the Macaron certainly tops our list of Luxe Treats.  So stop boring your guests to death with those frosted brownies squares from ShopRite and grandma’s peanut brittle.  Add a colorful platter of  macarons to any party and  instantly give the dessert table a little taste of luxe!  Or use them as an “after dinner mint” substitution at your next dinner party.  When your guests break into the crispy top layer of cookie and reveal the soft, chewy, delicious cookie center and filling, they’ll be begging for an encore!  Eat your heart out, Pierre Ladure’e!

First a short lesson:

THIS is a Macaron (one ‘O’) Otherwise known as Macaron Parisien:

THIS is a MacarOOn (two ‘O’s).  A bastard relative of the  Macaron Parisien that is made in every other part of France EXCEPT Paris.  If made correctly, it can taste almost as delicious as  Macaron, but  never as classy.

Now, on with the lesson!

Start with this fool proof macaron recipe.  Extra time and patience is most definitely needed when making these gems.  So, you know the old saying;  if at first you don’t succeed, eat the shitty batch and start again.  By the 3rd of 4th batch, you’ll be sick of eating and the method should be burned in your brain.  Keep track of your mistakes (and triumphs) in a notebook so you can repeat the good stuff and learn from the bad.

Once you have perfected the method, you are now ready to experiment (which is the best part!).  You could start easy but making simple flavor adjustments to the recipe OR you can jump right in and start getting buck wild.  Flavor combinations for the cookie & filling are ENDLESS, so it all depends on your taste buds (or the taste buds of the people you are serving them to).  Peanut-butter and jelly macarons would go over great with younger audiences (from small children to young adults trying to cling to their childhood, grasping desperately with both hands, begging not to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into adulthood…or is that just us?).  For a more mature audience, you could opt for a Raspberry Marscapone combo (which sounds crazy delicious, if you ask me!).  Whichever direction you choose to take your macarons, just remember to keep it classy and, most importantly, have fun!

If this post has wet your proverbial “macaron beak” and you would like to learn more about these wonder treats, we would suggest checking out Ms. Dorie Greenspan and Tartlette.  These women know their shit!

3 thoughts on “Our Not-So-Secret Crush on the Macaron Parisien

  1. liannelow July 22, 2011 / 11:57 PM

    Thanks so much for linking my recipe in your post! (: Really honoured!

    • Vive La Luxe July 23, 2011 / 12:58 AM

      Our pleasure! Its is such a classic combination but when executed in Macaron form… totally irresistible! In my humble opinion, anyway 🙂 I just hope others like it as much as we do! I make them at work all the time and struggle not to eat them all lol.

      • liannelow March 25, 2012 / 1:20 AM

        I would definitely struggle too! (: And probably cave in and have at least one! haha

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