A few of our favorite things…

We don’t know about you, but every so often we have an uncontrollable urge to wake up in the middle of the night, go to the nearest 24 hour CVS and spend a silly amount of money on new beauty products.  It couldn’t just be us…. so since you’ve admitted we share the same guilty pleasure  you can benefit from our own serial shopping excursions!  In our “Favorite Things” posts we try to give you photos and reviews of the latest products (in all areas wonderful) so your next purchase will be an informed one.

DiorShow Mascara. $24. Sephora.

We have sworn by this mascara since our goth kick in high school.  It has never failed nor forsaken us.  For some, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around paying $24 for mascara but, darling, when you see the results…it’s worth every penny.  Creme de la crème.

Lashblast Fusion Macara. $7.98. Walmart.

If you are looking for mascara with a price tag a bit smaller, may I suggest this little wonder from Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Mascara Line- Lash Blast Fusion.  It makes your lashes long and sexy while giving them some volume and plumping them up! A true fusion of their LashBlast and  LashBlast Length!  We like volume with less applications but it only takes about two or three swipes to achieve a very dramatic look.  Best drugstore mascara around!

Laura Mercier loose Powder- Stardust. Sephora

Stunning. Shimmer.  This loose setting powder is an absolute gift from God.  Not only does it give your skin a healthy, illuminating glow while creating a matte finish for you makeup but it also makes you seem as if you just rolled around in a shower of sun rays all day!  And who wouldn’t want that?

Colgate Toothpaste. $3.89. CVS.

A friend of mine recently told me a story about how he was shopping with his Grandmother in Target.  She kindly offered a piece of gum to the cashier who was helping them.  The cashier looked confused because she had no idea why this little old woman was trying to give her a piece of gum.  In a very polite voice, grandma explained “It’s not polite to walk around holding conversations with people when it smells like you brushed your teeth with bologna”  Don’t be that girl.  This toothpaste has breath strips that lasts ALL DAY..I kid you not.  Plus the whitening effects were noticeable within a week of use.  It is now the official toothpaste of VLL 😀

If we sold you on any of these products, simply click the image to shop!  You will be directed to the proper marketplace to buy the item (at the lowest price!)  We will be posting more of our favorites weekly so subscribe to Vive La Luxe so you can stay informed.

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