Project Runway II

If you didn’t catch last week’s Project Runway, don’t worry, it was for the birds.  Literally, the contestants constructed outfits from items found in a pet store.  The materials found on the runway ranges from doggie bed liners to leashes to the infamous bright blue “Wee Wee Pads” used for puppy potty training.  usually these alternative challenge are my favorite but for some reason I feel like this particular challenge lacked the spunky, creative surprises that we have seen in seasons past.  I was hoping for a Santio Rice Explosion and it was sadly disappointing (especially by last week’s winner, Bert. For shame!)

Bert's Pet Shop Catastrophe
Click for
Project Runway contestant Anthony Ryan

One of the stand out pieces of the night, however, belonged to our next designer on VLL’s favorite’s list, Anthony Ryan Auld.  Anthony hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and his charming smile and sweet southern drawl is enough to win anyone over but his designs bring a fresh, fierce breath of fresh air to the show as well and  I am excited to see what he produces next.  Also, being a cancer survivor and achieving so much with his work despite the hardships he was dealt in life makes him a true inspiration to me and a PR crowd favorite, im certainly pulling for him!  Lets look at some of Anthony’s work…

Anthony's design made from bird seed. Quite gorgous.

This one is definitely a keeper!  I love the prints and the over-all esthetic of his work.  Tres Luxe!   Best of luck to you Anthony!!

Anthony Ryan Tumblr

Anthony Ryan Facebook



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