Slithering Art

Two years ago, I would have never even considered making this post…

For as long as I can remember, I have been deathly afraid of snakes. I mean completely over reacting-if-I-see-a-snake-on-tv kinda scared. In the past, I have actually called police to remove tiny Garter snakes from my kitchen. It was bad. Realllyy bad. Then I fell in love…with a herpetologist. (For those of you not familiar with that bio-slang, a herpetologist is a person who studies reptiles and amphibians.) Long story short, love makes you do some crazy-ass things! I have set my fears aside for the man I love and for the past two years, I have succeeding in taking (baby) steps in accepting these (ungodly) creatures in my life. As you can tell, I’m still working on some issues. As I learned more about these prehistoric looking animals, I found myself actually appreciating something about them. By switching my mind to fashion mode I was able to find something that I, dare I say it, love about them…the genius, eye-catching, natural design in their skins.

Even though I never thought I would say it, a great snake-skin is truly something to behold! Endless variety of colors and patterns are strewn throughout the reptile world from tortoise-shell to python. I must admit, the reptile has got the fashion world on lock down in 2011.

Check out the undeniable allure of reptile prints on this year’s various runways:

. Chloe. Paris. 2011.
Burberry Prorsum. Fall. 2011.

Prada. 2011.

Super Cute Snake Skin Booties

As you can see, the reptile is Winning in 2011. They have dominated Chloe’s Paris runway and have popped up in magazines such as Vogue and W for sometime now. It’s chic, it’s interesting and the varieties are endless! It is high fashion, no doubt about it. It’s just going to take me a little more getting used to, that’s all! I’m sure if I had those snake-skin booties, I would feel much less anxiety about reptiles as a whole, wouldn’t you?

If you’re like me and snake-skin really isn’t your bag (no pun intended), what is your favorite animal print?

Long Live Luxury,

xoxo Janae

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