Project Runway, On Garde!

Avant Garde you say?  Whenever those fateful words are so innocently chirped by Heidi on Project Runway, you know it’s about to go down.  This week, the uber-lucky designers were challenged to warm up those thinking caps and create Avant Garde garments inspired by paintings made by adorable and super talented art students from the Harlem School of the Arts.  The pairings were more like collaboration deals between designer and artist.   One creates a painting, the other a garment inspired by said painting but each (hopefully) producing a piece of art.  Quite honestly, I was VERY impressed by the paintings of the students.  The runway, however, left me underwhelmed and with a sharply raised eyebrow for about a half an hour.   Typically when I hear “Avant Garde” I am thinking pull-out-all-the-stops, hold-the-freaking-phone fashion that makes you wanna slap your momma ’cause its so damn good!  I wanted “show stopper” and what I got was equivalent to a fart in a box.  Anya and Joshua M. were the more AG garments that I liked, Anya’s in particular.  Kimberly’s was pretty sweet and Bert’s was…well, you’ll see.  This episode had the potential to be one of the more creative and heartwarming episodes of the season but between Victor’s incessant whining about having to work with children and Olivier’s monotone LIFE, it didn’t strike any emotional chords with me on any level.  Here are the “hell yes!” dresses, the “hell to the noooo!” monstrosities and the winner!


I really liked Anya’s piece this week…then again I love everything she makes so I am a little biased.  Sure, the skirt is a little reminiscent of grandma’s good table runner that she puts out for Thanksgiving dinner but, I chose not to dwell on that.  The proportions were working, the design was inspired and she gave her garment a little volume, which I really enjoyed.


I didn’t hate this…but I didn’t fawn over it either.  A bit too literal for my taste plus I want to snatch that pleather head wrap right off of her dome but, all in all, good work.  Those shoes are pretty bad-ass too.

Josh M.

I expected a fashion kick-punch in the face from Josh M. on this challenge and this is what happened.  If anything, I was touched by his explanation of the how the painting was created with his student as well as his dedication of the garment to his mother, but that was about it.  In all fairness, he did paint the crap out of that shirt.  It does look pretty interesting.

Just not interesting enough for me.


I was debating on whether of not I should even post a picture of Olivier’s dress..because I didn’t want to put people passing out in the middle of reading my post!  Big surprise, another snoozefest from Olivier (That is not a typo either. How many i’s does this guy need in his name?)  His voice, his style, his clothes, basically his whole LIFE is just so dreadfully boring to me.  I have no idea why he’s still there….. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ.



I almost threw something at my friend’s TV when I saw this walking down the runway.  I was offended as a person who loves fashion and as a person who has functioning eyes.  I have no clue why Bert is trying to sell some high fashion, Homey the Clown get-up here but I’m not buying it.  NO ONE would EVER buy that. (except for some reason I see Chloe Sevigny wearing it out somewhere just to be an ass). I have such sympathy for the poor model who had to wear that on national television; she probably hated her life more and more every minute she stood up there.  But then she had to walk BACK…and this is what we saw:

The jokes can write themselves here, people.  I’m done!  And Bert should be too.  He hasn’t done anything of value since the first episode and he didn’t even deserve to win that. He is definitely my least designer on the show especially with all the tension and arguing he causes.  Chuck that old fart off the show already!

Josh C.’s Losing Look

Not much to say here.  Josh C. blew his chance of redemption in the face with a shot-gun and got Auf’d by Heidi for a second time.  While watching the show, it was difficult for me to decide who should go home, Josh or Bert.  Although Bert created a garment that looked as if Geometry Wars threw up all over an overweight horse jockey, at least he had a point of view.  Josh missed the mark on every single aspect of this piece.  And that is why he got the boot.

Anthony’s Winning Look

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!  Anthony ended up winning the challenge with this little sheer number.  While I can admit it is pretty interesting that he made the fabric look like real brush strokes, it kinda bored me a bit as well.  It was one of the best garments on the runway as far as clear point of view, relevance to the challenge and construction so I guess beggars can’t be choosers.  I am just happy I actually got to see some forward thinking from someone to push themselves to create something that no one has seen before.  I’m proud Anthony is doing so well and we here at VLL still love you!  But next time, kick it up a notch, eh?

What were your hits and misses of the evening?  Share in our comments section!

Long Live Luxury,


2 thoughts on “Project Runway, On Garde!

  1. Steve September 3, 2011 / 2:56 AM

    Vive La Luxe,I know you think you have a fashion sence and you think you are a good writer,but … you are just a boring bitch.

    • Vive La Luxe September 3, 2011 / 1:39 PM

      Well Steven, Thank you so much for your feedback! Fashion, I have always felt, is very subjective. My fashion SENSE could vary drastically from yours but thats okay; different strokes for different folks. I respect that and would never make someone think that what they like is WRONG. As far as MY personal style, it’s on point. Dont you worry about that. But you wouldnt know that because you dont know me. If you think im a “boring bitch”, well thats on you. What other people think about me is not my business. But I thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and giving me your honest opinion. It makes me feel good that there are still decent, respectble people in this word that contribute positivly to society. (Just in case my writing still sucks to you, thats what I like to call sarcasm.)

      Long Live Luxury,


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