Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub

Lemon Cream Scrub

Autumn has crept it’s way into our summer mindset, so you may be looking to switch up your beauty regime based on your skin’s needs. Sanitas offers a luxurious Lemon Cream Scrub packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants to help your complexion! The scrub is a mild cleanser that helps to soften your skin with Jojoba Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant that also promotes wound healing so it will help clear up marks and blemishes in less time.

The Lemon Cream Scrub gently exfoliates your skin with rounded silica crystals, not those harsh granules that we turn our noses at.

Rounded Silica

These crystals are small and rounded so they do not scratch or tear your skin but instead offer an even and comfortable exfoliation.Powerful antioxidants help to remove free radicals and gentle exfoliation removes dead skin particles, letting your radiant and beautiful complexion take the spotlight. This scrub also cleanses your skin making it a double delight.

One pump of this product was enough for one application as it did foam up a tiny bit. That helped move the product around the face. You only need to apply a small amount of pressure when you begin to move your fingers. We wouldn’t recommend putting this on any sort of exfoliating pad either. We found that using it two to three times a week was sufficient. Less is more in this situation.

Whilst we’re on the topic of exfoliation, I thought I would include a bit of an aside on silica crystals. Silica is a naturally occurring compound found in sand as well as quartz. A form of it may also be in your toothpaste to remove plaque and stains. The crystals are rounded so there are no jagged or rough parts to it. It glides over the skin to give gentle and effective exfoliation.

Walnut Shell Powder

The drug store facial scrubs usually contain walnut-shell powder. It is jagged and way too harsh on your delicate skin. I mentioned in another post that I prefer using the apricot scrubs on my feet and not my face. Keep in mind that the goal here is to rid your skin of dead cells and debris, not to resurface! Your skin should NEVER be red after you exfoliate. Microscopic tears in the skin can invite bacteria and other nasty things that cause infection and inflammation of the skin which is the exact opposite of what you want.

The Lemon Cream Scrub retails for $32.00 USD for a 200ML bottle. It lasts a long time and provides you with amazing results. Sanitas has made sure that their products do your skin all good and no harm. That is probably why we love them.

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