Viva La Luxe DIY Facial

We at Vive La Luxe think that your skin is important. We also think what you put ON your skin is important. An in-spa facial could end up being pricey so if you have a plethora of products like us, you can use them to their fullest potential at home. We tested out a few products in a mini at home facial. If you’d like to do your own at home facial, the following steps will show you how.

Light some scented candles and play some relaxing music to turn your home into your own spa!
TIPS: Moving your facial regime into the shower is a brilliant idea. The steam created in the shower helps to keep your pores open so products will penetrate the skin and help to remove impurities. If you don’t want to do this in the shower, you can roll up a facial towel (in half, and then roll). Run it under warm water and then squeeze out the excess. Place it in your microwave for 15 seconds and then check it, carefully, to make sure it is warm. Open the towel slowly and you should see steam. Relax on your bed with the towel wrapped around your face to allow the steam to open up your pores before you begin!


$30 for 150ML

To start, cleanse your skin with a creamy cleanser.We chose Sanitas Milk & Honey cleanser (read what we had to say about it here). Gently apply the cleanser with your fingertips and move in a circular motion, paying close attention to the creases between your nose. Take care not to get too close to your eye area, that skin is very sensitive! Manipulate the skin with your fingers for about 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water.


Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
$25 for 8oz at Sephora

We chose Philosophy’s Microdelivery Micro-massage Exfoliating wash for this step. This award winning exfoliating wash is mild and designed to cleanse your skin while gently softening your texture. We love this product because it is gentle enough for you to use every day. It is sulfate free and crafted with ingredients to protect and nourish your skin. It includes topical antioxidents that help condition your skin while retaining moisture.

The sponges come in packs of 2 at AnneMarie's website.

We used a dime sized amount and gently massaged the skin for about 30 seconds. We applied the product with a cosmetic sponge from AnneMarie Borlind.

These sponges help with dispersing the product so your bottle ends up lasting you twice as long. You can also use these great sponges to apply moisturizer, cleanser, any facial product really! Another big plus is that you can boil the sponges to sanitize and clean them – awesome!


Tweezerman's No Slip Blackhead Tool
$11 at Tweezerman's website

Tweezerman’s “No Slip Extraction Tool” is our weapon of choice. It offers a thin angled loop to extract white heads and a larger flat side to coax out blackheads The metal grip design is also textured, making it very easy to hold on to. Cleanse your skin after this step, and then pat dry.

NOTE: You don’t HAVE to include this step. If you press too hard while extracting you can break delicate capillaries, or force dirt and bacteria back into your skin.


This is our Fall Favorite!

You can choose any type of mask for this step based on your own skin’s needs.

The product we chose was Sanitas’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This is an exfoliating mask that is made with fabulous ingredients, including Organic pumpkin (exfoliant), hyaluronic acid and squalane (moisturizers), vitamin C (antioxidant and toner), and vitamin K (anti-inflammatory).We squeezed a small amount of the gel into a bowl and applied this mask with a brush to make sure an even layer was present.

The mask has a lovely gel-like texture, making it easy to distribute on your face.

The instructions recommend keeping the product put for 10 minutes. You may experience a tingle in your skin during that time, but it shouldn’t be painful. The smell of it is absolutely wonderful and the fresh pumpkin leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, just in time for fall. The fresh ingredients aid in softening your skin, and evening out skin tone. This mask nourishes your skin and also assists in neutralizing free radicals, one of the main contributors of premature aging.

• Stimulates cell turnover enzymatically
• Enzymes help unclog pores and dissolve sebum
• Skin texture and tone benefits from exfoliation
• Skin is hydrated and better prepared to retain moisture
• Helps reduce hyper-pigmentation

If your skin is sensitive go ahead and use this about once a week. If you have a rough texture or a lot of hyper pigmentation twice a week is alright, but pay attention to any irritation. I’ve used a few pumpkin enzyme masks and Sanitas has perfected it in a most gentle form.


After removing dirt and impurities from your skin it is very important to moisturize. You need to give those cells a bit of stimulation and some vitamins.

Available online at AnneMarie's website

We used AnneMarie Borlind’s Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid. This is a moisturizing/treatment product that is suitable for all skin types. It’s key ingredients consist of criste marine, immortelle, and white tea. The smell is wonderful (probably that white tea that we love so much!). Janae has a slightly oily texture to her skin so we only needed a dab of this. It’s thin and spreads easily with your fingers. You may use this as a moisturizer like we did, or use it morning and night with a cream as a moisturizing power up.


Your skin should be happy by now. Glowing, clean, and in repair! You don’t want to beat your skin up, so remember not to scrub vigorously with your exfoliator and pay attention to the products you use. Any irritation or redness is not a good sign! Be easy and gentle – and your skin will thank you! Drink plenty of water and make sure to relax. Stress is a huge factor (besides genetics, duh) in breakouts and irritation so relaxation and hydration is a major part of your skin care. Stay luxurious!

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