Must Have Hand Cream!

50ML for $12.99

September 23rd marked the end of 2011’s Summer. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing, and this is a sure sign that my skin will soon disagree, I must prepare accordingly. Wintery weather is not my friend (for multiple reasons). If you are anything like myself, hand washing is something that you take part in multiple times a day. All of that washing and drying can really pull important nutrients out of your skin. The cold weather dries your skin out and leads to chapped, stiff hands. I have fallen in love with AnneMarie Borlind’s Hand Balm. It is key to keeping your hands and nails healthy! It has natural ingredients that aid in moisture delivery and nail strengthening. This product absorbs quickly, not leaving any sort of weird sticky residue that seems to accompany any sort of rich hand moisturizer. As a bonus, its cruelty free and contains no animal extracts. That means it’s Vegan. We at Vive La Luxe love this product for many reasons, and we think you will too.


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