DIY Nail Art !

Nail art can be pretty interesting, but it can also get pricey if you’re addicted to the nail salon. It’s actually pretty easy to create your own salon – quality nail art! You’ll need a few supplies, and a steady hand (a helpful friend works, too!). We started off by soaking the nails in warm water. We added a drop of sweet orange essential oil as well. The oil possesses antiseptic and antidepressant qualities and is wonderfully aromatic. We followed the basic steps (and used the same products) in our Jelly and Glitter Sandwich Manicure post.

"Charged Up"

After applying the base coat we applied 2 coats of ORLY’s “Charged Up”. Orly lacquer is “big-3” free (DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde). All Lacquered Up has a pretty informative post if you’re interested in further reading. Each shade is also formulated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and yellowing. If you’d like to see some other polishes that are big 3 free you can check out this list.

First coat

Then we applied the glitter polish diagonally across the nails. We used one of the mini Sally’s polishes with blue and purple glitter. It’s from the Halloween 2011 collection (EH1 217).

Two coats of “Charged Up” with glitter applied

We let that dry for a good half hour before applying the diagonal black stripe. We used Stripe Rite polish which you can also pick up at Sally’s.

Black Stripe Rite $3.99
Black stripe applied

This is where that steady hand or helpful friend comes in handy. Paint one quick line across the edge of the glitter layer. After you let this set for a good 15 minutes, apply your top coat and LET THEM DRY !!! If you have a mini fan, use it for this because you really want to make sure you don’t get any smudges on these beauties!

All Finished!

It’s super easy to do, and pretty fun. The Stripe Rite polish allows you to create some pretty interesting designs. If you’ve documented your own nail art we’d love to see it!

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