Bow ties…Not just for Pee Wee Herman Anymore

Greetings friends!  Christmas is lurking right around the bend and unfortunately, I am a notorious for doing all of my Christmas shopping at the last-minute.  Part of my lateness can be blamed on that wicked, procrastinating devil that sits on my shoulder and constantly whispers in my ear but the main reason is I have to find the perfect gift for each person I shop for.  No exceptions!  This year, I had a great gift idea for my man and I just had to share it with the rest of you!  If you have a classy man in your life and want to add Luxe gift to his pile this year, think Bow-Ties.  Oh yeah, the Bow-Tie isn’t just for the Oscar’s.  It is making a huge come back in men’s fashion and celebs are sporting them left and right.  Chris Brown, David Beckham and Rachel Zoe’s cutie ex assistant Brad Goreski are big bow tie supporters.  Sporting this piece of neck wear can bring a classic, vintage vibe to your man’s wardrobe instantly.  Mix and match  the colors and patterns to his dress shirts to create the perfect combo! Add a tailored vest or matching sweater and Boom!  You’ve got gold  Take a look at these chic leading men for inspiration (and eye candy!)

David Beckham
Chris Brown
Kanye West
Brad Goreski

So, if I managed to sell you on the bow tie idea, I would like to make one last suggestion of where to buy it from.  There is an amazing website called that was started by NFL football player, Dhani Jones.  On this site, not only can you can browse through a collection of gorgeous bow ties for almost every occasion but every tie is a collaboration with a specific charity. So when you buy the tie, the proceeds of your purchase go to that charity.  It is a wonderful idea and I fully support the idea of shopping and being charitable at the same time!

Happy Holidays and a very Luxe New Year!!


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