Viva La Luxe DIY Rejuvenating Facial

Need a little post New Year’s boost?

New Year’s Eve can be stressful not only to your mind, but your skin too! If you chose to take the party all night route this time around you’ll probably need a pick me up to get back on your feet and looking alive and well at work. We put together a DIY Vive La Luxe Rejuvenation facial to help you out. Light some scented candles, burn some incense, and relax!


8oz for $20 @

Start with a warm towel, wrapping it around your face. Relax for a few minutes and allow the steam to penetrate your skin and open up your pores. We decided to use Philosophy’s Purity cleanser. It is extremely gentle since it’s free of any irritating fragrances or scents. This great cleanser contains rosewood, coconut, and sage oils just to name a few so you can imagine how divine it smells without the need for any of that extra junk. Massage the cleanser into your skin to loosen any dirt and makeup residue. Remove with a warm towel.


Exfoliate! Since we used the Philosophy cleanser we followed with the Microdelivery wash. You can read about what we’ve already said about it here.


We mixed our own green french clay mask, using natural powder and a drop of sweet orange essential oil. It has great antiseptic properties and helps with oily skin, dissolving any impurities or gunk that causes mean breakouts. Be careful with it and don’t use a lot as it can become irritating if too much is applied to the skin. We applied the mask with a brush and let it set for about 10 minutes. Clay masks let you know when they’re ready to be removed when they lighten up and dry. Remove this with a warm towel, making sure you get rid of any remnants.


Extract. If you must! If you really don’t have any clogged pores than leave your skin alone. The clay mask should leave your skin glowing and super clean. You can apply a toner to a cotton ball and give your face a once over to make sure every little spot is clean. (We’re partial to Up & Up’s alcohol free toner which you can pick up at Target for about $4.00).


Here’s the fun part! We wanted to try out these awesome Under-eye Collagen Milk ‘N Honey masks by Satin Smooth. These cool little masks are applying to a clean face, right above your cheek bone. The milk and honey not only gives it an awesome smell but it helps to exfoliate and hydrate your skin as well. They’re made out of marine based collagen which helps firm up and decrease puffy eyes. They also contain aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C and rose oil which will put very important nutrients back into that tired stressed out skin beneath your eyes. They help lessen signs of hyper pigmentation, dehydration, and sunspots as well! Satin Smooth offers these masks in lip, around eye, full face and neck options to give any part of your skin a little pick me up after partying has caused you to neglect, tisk tisk. When opening the package go slow since the fluid they’re packaged in is important. Remove them carefully and apply them to your face as you have your head reclined. If you have a friend around, ask for a little assistant. Then relax for about 15 minutes as these little wonders work their magic. You can pick up a 3-pack for about $8.00. Shop around online for a good deal!


After removing the collagen under-eye lift mask we used Borba’s age defying concentrate, Orbital Eye Rejuvenator. You need a little bit dabbed on your ring finger. Rub your fingers together and then gently apply it around your eye, massaging the cream in until it is absorbed. Now, relax! Put on some quiet, soothing music and post up on your couch or bed. Give your skin a break and keep yourself hydrated with a nice cold glass of water with lemon, or a tasty herbal tea.

The easiest way to repair any damage your evening plans may have caused is just by putting water back into your system. Taking care of your skin is so very important and pampering yourself from time to time is fine.We have a few drug store favorites that we like to keep around. We love CVS’s Essence of Beauty products. The gel eye mask can be heated up or cooled to help with any puffy issues or just for a chill out after a day at work. By soaking it in a little bit of water for a few minutes it comes to a pleasant temperature to give your eyes a rest. Put it in the fridge for a little bit if you’d like to cool things off a bit. Either way, you’ll be helping your skin.

We hope these tips can help to give your skin a little pampering.

Healthy skin is key to looking great any time of year!

Check out a few more of our favorites Luxe for Less products below.

2 thoughts on “Viva La Luxe DIY Rejuvenating Facial

  1. glitterandvodka January 7, 2012 / 1:05 AM

    Love this!! Can’t wait to give myself an at-home facial now

  2. Vive La Luxe January 10, 2012 / 10:01 PM

    Yes!! Always a nice treat to relax yourself a bit. Sanitas makes such amazing products, we highly recommend you try them out !

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