Don’t know about Poshmark? It’s an App which lets you buy and sell women’s fashion and accessories, pretty much all from your phone. I’ve been using Poshmark for a few months now, and I LOVE IT. I’ve put together a sort of intro/basic of Poshmark and what has helped me sell lots of items! The image above is of my closet, my user name is @njcati. You can see the interface and how easy it is to navigate to buy and sell fashion. If you haven’t signed up already you can use the code BIAIE for a $5 credit to get started.


I love listing items! Closets that have at least 10 listings tend to be seen more often. You don’t have to go nuts and list everything, but list a few items at once when you start off. Take clear photos and describe the item accurately. Make sure you have selected the correct designer so you increase chances of it being found by a potential buyer. If you’re unsure about pricing go ahead and google your item a few times and check for other listings and compare prices. Poshmark takes 20% commission from sales $15.00+, and a flat $2.95 fee for items under $15.00. This may seem high, but personally I’m alright with it. Poshmark handles the shipping charges (buyer pays shipping) and e-mails you a prepaid label as soon as your item sells. Print it, pack it, and ship it. You can arrange a pick up at your home from your local mail carrier (all Poshmark sales are shipped USPS priority) or bring it to the post office yourself. I’ll have a more in-depth post coming soon about cover shots and shipping, so stay tuned.


This is important, but can start to get tricky. When you first start off on Posh it’s easy to get caught up just following random users. This is good – but you might want to use a little bit of discretion. Some users do not comply with all the rules that Posh has and it helps to do a quick scope of someone’s closet before following them. You won’t get in trouble if you share an item that is prohibited (we’ve all done it!) but it helps to keep the over all integrity of Poshmark. Following users that follow the rules will result in less drama and more shares!


This is probably the most important part of this post. When you visit a Poshmark user’s closet you are able to see how many listings they have, how many followers, how many they are following, and their amount of shares. That number tells you if the user is an active sharer or not. You can see your own share number in your closet stats, and it’s always good to check on that and work on making it higher! Why is this so important? Sharing basically is advertising your own closet as well as someone else’s items. When you share items from another user’s closet, that item will appear to your followers in their own news feeds. Sharing lots of items has helped my sales immensely. I basically started sharing about 8-10 items from a few users that would pop up in my feed or in my notifications. Some returned the shares, some didn’t – but the point was my items were now being shown to people who were not even on my own feed, which also caused my followers to go up.


Communicate with your buyers/sellers and as always – be nice. Manners go a long way and when you’re dealing with potential sales it always helps to keep yourself as professional and possible.

Like I said, I’m going to be posting more Poshmark installments so make sure you’re following and receiving updates from Vive La Luxe! If you’re NEW to Poshmark and have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. Happy Poshing!

Team Luxe Travel Etiquette

Bermuda Botanical Gardens
Bermuda Botanical Gardens ©ViveLaLuxe

You awaken to a pleasant alarm with a smile on your face. Your first image of the day is that of your neatly packed suitcases awaiting those last minute items. Your car is waiting for you outside and your ride to the airport is pleasant. There is no traffic, there are no delays. Upon your arrival at your local major airport it seems that everyone is in the lightest of moods and just a pleasure to speak with. Everyone is helpful and no one’s child is screaming. They are smiling, laughing….you drift off to sleep and arrive at your destination. No bumps in the road.

Yeah right, that’s a dream! If you’ve travelled you are certainly aware of the nightmares that potentially exist within the hours that you travel. Do not fret, for there is good news! All one needs is a bit of information or tools, if you will, to make your travel day as less stressful as possible. If you’re escaping to paradise, why on earth would you want to start it off as a panic attack?

Have Your Documents in Order

Continental Airlines provides a thorough explanation of documents you will need to exit the United States.

Don't forget this!

There is nothing worse than arriving at your airport of departure and realizing that you did not bring the  correct documentation required to go ahead. It would be wise to photocopy important personal documents. Your passport (first page with photo), credit cards (front and back) as well as health-insurance information are items to consider. Keeping these copies in your hotel room safe is an intelligent move in case of any loss or theft. It is much easier to replace these documents if you have photocopies. Back sides of credit cards will give you the phone number you would need to report the card stolen or lost. If you have photocopies of your passport, credit cards, driver’s license, health-insurance information and other important travel documents it will be must less of a pain to replace. If you were in the position where you needed to replace your passport in a foreign country you could simply visit the US Embassy and receive a replacement by providing your photocopy. Instead of having to track down your passport number and information you will be able to prove that you are in fact “you” and begin the replacement process. Keep a copy in your hotel room safe (if provided), leave a copy with someone at home and keep one on you. Don’t bring any credit cards that you don’t intend to use – only bring what you really need.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Put your smartphone to use.

Technology these days allows us to perform for a lack of better words, miracles. There are Apps for that. Seriously, Airport Maps is an app that is available for many smart phones which allows you to have a map of your current airport literally in your hands. You’ll probably be able to find your gates faster and be aware of where the restrooms and baggage carousels are located. Take note of help desks as well as first aid, just to be ready.

Be Courteous

I refuse to consider manners and common courtesy to be a dying art.

Keep Calm!

It is easy to become agitated and angry at staff when conditions prove to be a huge bump in your vacation road. Try to keep in mind that these are the people who are getting you to where you

want to be. The airport and airline staff work extremely hard to make sure things run as smooth as possible!

Please, thank you, excuse me – they are all great words to remember to say!

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do be aware of what liquids and items you can bring on board
  • Don’t recline your seat without checking behind you first
  • Don’t hog seats in the boarding areas
  • Do bring travel sized hand sanitizer
  • Don’t take up more overhead space than you need
  • Do make use of the space below the seat in front of you
  • Do wear slip on shoes – security won’t suck as bad!
  • Don’t argue  !

If you are going to some place beautiful, then act beautiful. It will pay off in the long run and make your vacations more enjoyable. Relaxation is the goal, right?

Elbow Beach
Elbow Beach, Bermuda ©ViveLaLuxe