Vive La Luxe is now Bi-Coastal!

So 2013 has arrived, finally! The cold…the snow…has come to New Jersey. However, half of our team has relocated to Sunny Los Angeles! Janae is now a resident of The Golden State. Stay tuned for some new fabulous posts, and a new fabulous year! 

Anxious for Spring?

Paris in the Spring...Yes Please!

We are anxious as well. You are not alone!

The road to spring is sometimes long (and cold, and windy, and…ugh) depending on where you live, so for us Jersey girls a collection of cardigans is never a bad idea.

Fuzzy Cardigan Sweater $24.80 @ Forever21

I personally love the way a cotton cardigan feels. It can still be fashionable without looking like a blanket as long as you find the right style. Making sure something FITS is always important too! Forever21 has a fuzzy cardigan sweater for under $25! You can pair this with a shoulder bearing dress and some tights and boom! Seasonably appropriate. If you’re like me, sundresses and spaghetti straps litter your closet. When it comes to cold weather I run the risk of looking like a fool if I don’t pair it accordingly.

Princess Seam Dress $19.99 @ Target

Love Love LOVE this dress from Target. It is simple but fashionable and most importantly, it’s comfortable! I’m about a size 11, 5’8″ and a D cup. I know all too well how difficult it can be to dress yourself especially when the clothes you want are built for a size 4 but are available in 10 and up. My good friend Sukanya over at Glitter and Vodka has a wonderful post about this issue which is definitely worth a read.

Coincidence & Chance Tulip Dress $19.99 @ Urban Outfitters

 This dress is on sale right now at It’s a great find for under $20 and is yet another piece you can mix and match with sweaters. Don’t be thrown off by the colors and stripes. Go for a solid cardigan or a blazer if you’re looking to glam it up a bit. Accessorize accordingly with a pair of earrings or a cocktail ring. You absolutely can go overboard and run the risk of looking like, well….

Yikes. I apologize for the scare, but all Jersey girls don’t look like that and I needed to make a point here. For those of you that still have your browser opened and aren’t completely shaken by the horror above I have one more tip to keep your head up for those spring days.

Iced Coffee! I am a bona fide coffee lover and there’s nothing more I enjoy than a delicious iced coffee on a(n almost warm) day. Head over to Dunkin’ Donuts Philly area Facebook page for sweet coupons and promotions. Free coffee always tastes better! Janae and I are both BzzAgents. BzzAgent is a pretty sweet website which let’s you participate in campaigns to sample new items to review, once you register of course!

Grounds for Sculpture II

More beautiful images for the art and architecture lovers in us all!  Check out the second round of pictures from my visit to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ!


Grounds for Sculpture

All of you art and architecture fans out there, listen up! You are about to fall in love!  This past Labor day, I celebrated my day off by visiting an art facility in my town with my family.  The most interesting thing about this facility is that is entirely outdoors!  Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ is a 35 acre outdoor art gallery for sculptures for all shapes and sizes.  Art enthusiast and sculptor, Seward Johnson, heir to the Johnson and Johnson throne, acquired the land that served as the New Jersey Fair Grounds before being left abandoned and derelict for many years after the 1950s.  Now, its home to more that 250 sculptures scattered throughout a perfectly manicured outdoor setting, two  restaurants, including the world-famous Rat’s Restaurant that serves as the home base of Kevin Sbraga, winner of last year’s Top Chef competition on Bravo and two galleries used to display art and other exhibitions.  Check out more about Grounds for Sculpture and make sure to check local city and state guides for interesting destinations that might be located near you.

This was my Uncle’s favorite sculpture of the day

Oh, Hayyyy

Look Familiar? Click to find out why!

I was truly inspired by the beauty of this place. All I kept thinking while taking these pictures was “Damn, I would love to get married here!”

Make sure to check back for Part II later this week for more pictures and information.

Long Live Luxury,


Wedding Bells in the distance…

This month two of our closest friends, Meagan and Travis, announced they were taking the plunge into wedding bliss! Thrilled at the news of their upcoming nuptials, we decided to offer our services to the engagement party by creating a special rustic menu for the 50+ expected guests.

The Happy Couple

We were lucky enough to have the perfect summer setting and a gorgeously groomed back yard to host the festivities. A huge thank you to the Groom’s Mother and family! 

We designed the perfect summer menu to compliment the decor and garden party theme the couple requested.  All was well until the news of an unfortunate weather forecast set for the exact date of the party.  Humid and hot to start the afternoon topped off with a sun shower of monstrous proportions.

We soldiered on.

We started by offering some refreshing drinks:

Peach and White Wine Nectar
Apple Limeade

Followed by Finger Foods:

Gorgonzola Covered Grapes With Pecans


Initially our idea for the Caprese Salad started as a personal dish,

Sliced Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil

But for 50 expected guests, we had to make some adjustments

To end all things, we took advantage of the brief sunshine and grilled some corn still in their husk. Completed with a healthy coat of Chipolte Lime Butter.

Meagan and Travis

And meet the beautiful flower girl for the wedding, Kaylee

You can contact us for booking, Uncle Karl !

Special Thank you to our good friend Jay Greinsky for the wonderful photos.  Please visit his flicker and see more of his art here:

Click to view Website!

And We Wait…

So there’s been a lot going on over on this East Coast, huh? On Thursday Governor Christie had issued a state of emergency for New Jersey. Yikes.

Well, here’s what this morning looks like as I drank my coffee. About 7am on Friday August 26th, 2011. Very foggy..about 70 degrees. Eerily calm.

We won’t see any real action until late Saturday night. It is pretty clear to me that something big and mean is on its way.

Be safe out there…we’ll be dreaming of Paris while we’re stuck inside, hiding from the wind. When I look out my window I’ll remind myself it’s just the fog that’s blocking the Eiffel Tower…not 3600 miles and an ocean.

Stay Safe!

Batten Down The Hatches !

Planning on evacuating NJ in the next day or two? Looks like the Gov. Christie has suspended Shore Parkway Tolls to aid evacuations. Please keep yourselves informed at and Keep you’re your radios handy and take advantage of New Jersey 101.5, broadcasting constant updates. We’re two Jersey girls ourselves, and we hope everyone is stocking up on water and taking necessary precautions to stay safe this weekend!

Source: Daily Record