Scoring on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here and, if you don’t completely detest this made-up,  Hallmark holiday like me, you should be planning a huge to-do for your beloved about…two weeks ago!  I’m sure most of us think the trick to scoring points (among other things) on Valentine’s Day is with opulent dinners, sexy underwear and those highly sought after, sky blue jewelry boxes (hint hint).  But we here at VLL think it might be time to give Valentine’s Day a bit of a facelift this year!  So we decided to research some of the best gifts to give your man/lady this year to guarantee full copulation by night’s end.  We will cover everything from the ostentatious lover to the more financial conscious, heavy petter.  No matter what your relationship (or financial) status, you will find something here to make that special person smile. Just because I will be spending the entire day in my jammies, eating ice cream, doesn’t mean you have to be just as miserable as me 🙂

Click for more hilarious bitter Valentine's Day cookies
Click for more hilarious bitter Valentine's Day cookies

Let’s get to the list, shall we?

Shea Terra Organics are high on our list of favorite beauty products!  The majority of their products are made with all organic ingredients yet they keep a very affordable range that makes it easy to indulge.  We are absolutely head over heels for their new Dark Chocolate, Sugar Stone Exfoliating cream.  It is 99.7% natural while also containing Glycoloc acid that breaks down dead skin bonds and helps clear discoloration.  The best part, however, you might have guessed from the name. When you open the jar you are hit with the rich, decadent smell of fudge brownies….Mmmm!  I literally had to remind myself that it wasn’t food!

Shea Terra Organics Premium Chocolate Exfoliating Cream in White and Dark Chocolate

For a Valentine’s Day suggestion: Set up a special, private spa in your home for your Valentine and surprise them with a full relation massage with sweet smelling essential oils beautiful candles.  Finish off the massage with the Dark Chocolate cream, paying special attention to the hands and feet of which we carry a lot of pressure throughout the day.  They will enjoy the relaxing massage and you will definitely enjoy your sweet smelling partner!

Gunmetal Flask $24.99

If you and your honey are more hardcore lovers, check out this cute gift idea!  Engraved his and hers flasks.  Decorate with initials or a special messages of love so they can remember how much you love them while they are getting wrecked! $79.00

Most girls LOVE stuffed animals!  I can admit, I still have a few around in my room for whenever im feeling kinda down in the dumps.  So, this year, think about getting your gal (or guy) a personal stuffed toy…of yourself!  This is a perfect gift for long distance sweethearts that spend time away from each other.  Spray with their favorite perfume/ cologne and its like they never left!

Bag Hook *Prices Vary*

This next gift is just a brilliant idea.  The purse hook is a handy device to give your lady friend that will keep her from having to but her newest Balenciaga bag on the floor.  If you are anything like me, you’d rather sit holding your bag for the entire night than put in on the dirty ground where it can be stolen or worse…scuffed!  The purse hook will take care of that and its a fairly inexpensive way to show your lady you care about her opulent shopping habits.

If you have a little more breathing room in your wallets this Valentines day, might I suggest visiting Experiential Gifts section.  There you will be able to choose the city that you are in (or your Valentines day destination if travel is apart of your plans) and then choose from hundreds of Experiential Gifts that you both will remember for a life time!  They cover everything from spa treatments to helicopter rides and more!  Just pick a city and find the perfect experience for you and your boo.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Shades!

Get inspired to give yourself a sweet (or sassy) Valentine’s Day manicure

with some of Vive La Luxe’s favorite shades!

Teenage Dream – with flash
Teenage Dream - no flash
Ate Berries in the Canaries
Ate Berries in the Canaries - no flash
OPI's Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is also Giada De Laurentiis’s favorite shade!

Check out a pretty cool article from Architectural Digest thanks to DOORR.

OPI's Pinking of You

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day shades? Let us know!